Thursday, March 26, 2009

the TRUTH about nose waxing

Now before you freak out, let me explain. I learned how to nose wax the 3rd day of school. I was so nervous and couldn't even believe I was going to do it. A lot of people think that it is going to hurt A LOT more than it actually does. And it WILL if you dont have a professional do it. There is a special technique and if you let just anyone do it they either wont apply or pull right and it will be...painful.

At school this was one of our most popular waxes. We had many many many men come in and do them. Sometimes we would have about 7 guys come in and get it done at the same time. (I think it was more for moral support).

Why wax your nose?

1. It beats trimming. Trimming can also make your hair more thick and coarse, like shaving can.
2. A nose wax usuallly lasts about 1 1/2 - 2 months depending on how often you like to get it done.
3. You can breathe easier!!! Believe me on this one! My dad also dont snore as bad when he gets his done.
4. It beats tweezing. Have you ever tried to tweeze one little hair? YOWCH!!! It hurts so incredibly bad.
5. It looks nicer. No more hairs! :)

heres 2 girls I went to school with doing it, Sherena and Katey.

The thing about nose hair is your using a hard wax instead of the standard soft wax which you use a strip with. Hard wax is applied and when it cools down you rip it off without a strip. The hard wax that I LOVE and swear by is Cirepil blue hard wax. The wax actually shrinks down the hair so that it comes out easier and painlessly.

Many people have never heard of this being done, but it is becoming more popular. Its definitely one of my all time favorite waxes to do and get done. And it doesnt take long at all. The longest part is just waiting for the wax to dry so you can remove it. Once its done, I promise you will be satisfied.

The hardest part is getting people to try it the first time. They think its going to be incredibly painful but I have NEVER had anyone that has said it hurts them. They are actually very pleasantly surprised with the amount of pain.

I did my dad's nose, too!

Ive seen some youtube videos of people waxing noses and it just becomes horribly disasterous. But heres a girl doing it and she does it well. You can tell because she pulled it right out of the first tug.

if you'd like to know more about nose waxing please let me know. If you would like to get it done by me, comment and i'd be happy to do it.

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