Sunday, March 22, 2009

YOUR skin is MY mission

I decided to make a blog about skin-care because its something that im very passionate about. I just graduated as an esthetician from Bon Losee Academy and received my masters license. People are constantly asking me what they can do to better their skin so I decided to make a blog to help you all with your concerns. While being discreet from your home. No consultation needed! (Unless of course I was to work on you). On here ill go over waxing, (facial and body) products to use, getting facials and other treatments, how to work with your skin, acne, wrinkles, dry and oily skin, common problems and concerns...etc...

First of all let me explain to you guys a little bit about your skin.

A lot of people take skin for granted but its much more important than everyone thinks. There are many functions of the epidermis but heres just a few...

protecting the body from the environment, particularly sun
preventing excessive water loss from the body
protecting the body from infection.

Another reason why skin is so important with our everyday life is because SKIN is the biggest organ in our body with 12-15% of our body weight. Taking care of our skin should be an everyday thing just as important as taking a shower or brushing our teeth.

There are so many products out there to use!!! Wether its from the department store or from a high end salon anything is better than just using water! I do believe that some products are better than others but if it works for you than it WORKS! If you are receiving the results you desire and are happy with the outcome then there is no need to run out and buy a $200 facial cream. But others are unhappy with the quality of their skin and need something more extreme and are looking for more accurate help.

On this blog ill be going through things and products that you can do to give your skin the care that is needed. Please leave me feedback on what you want to see on here! Anything at all. :)

- Ta Ta for now. And remember...release your natural beauty.

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