Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hiding imperfections through makeup

The definition is makeup should be subtle and soft, and should be used to define natural beauty or to hide imperfections. Make makeup work for you. Lets review how you can make corrections from some "not so perfect" facial features.

Having a wide nose- A lot of people think they have a less than excellent sniffer. If you happen to have a larger nose, apply a darker tone or shade along the sides of the nose and a thin line of highlighter down the center. (Highlighter can be any lighter color, preferably translucent white or light pink). Barely noticeable, don't go overboard.

Having a longer nose- Visually shorten a long nose by contouring (darkening) the tip of it.

Unfortunately if you look like him there may not be much we can do :) !

Undefined cheekbones- to give the cheekbones more definition, apply highlighter over the very top of the cheek bone, then darken the hollow UNDER the cheekbone. Avoid creating obvious shapes of lines, blend blend blend!

Having a receding chin- to "bring out" a chin that recedes or is weak, apply highlighter on and under the chin.

Having a pointed chin- Minimize the point of the chin by softening it with a slightly darker foundation.

Having a double chin- Use a darker color of foundation to make it recede and appear slimmer.

Heres a good example of a professional "contouring" job not yet blended.

Don't be shy or nervous about trying out these skills. Practice on a night where your not going out. And if you cant seem to get it right, try try again! If you give up, just smile and everyone will love your face, imperfections and all!

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