Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sensitive skin?

Sorry I have been so MIA. I didn't think people actually read this. Turns out they do. My condolences. And gracias!

Many people ask me about this problem. What to avoid? What to do? Worry no more, sistas! I am here to help.

What is sensitive skin more reactive to?
changes in products

How can I treat my sensitive skin?
Avoid using granular scrubs (exfoliants), essential oils, fragrances, masks, waxing and stimulating massage.
Use a non or low foaming cleanser, avoid heat and sun, and never get a chemical peel.

When cleansing the face, use only tepid water. Not hot or cold. Toner (always a must) should be alcohol free. ALWAYS wear at LEAST SPF 15!

Green tea extract is a good ingredient to use on sensitive skin. It helps calm the redness and activity. Its available in a lot of products. Aveeno is a good product line because it tends to have a lot of natural ingredients, and will not be too harsh on the skin barrier.

Dont skimp on washing your face because your afraid it will get red. Be gentle and use a low activity cleanser.

Smile, your beautiful!

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