Thursday, April 7, 2011

So you wanna get a facial?

Lots of people ask me the benefits of facials. It depends what kind of facial you are getting, as no two facials are alike, and what your aiming to achieve with your esthetician. The number one thing facials are good for is pampering. Who DOESN'T like to lay in a room with soft music and have someone massage their face? Its beautiful.

Make sure when you go to your appointment you have your esthetician customize your facial based on your skins needs. Hopefully she will ask you questions about your skin and daily routine as well as assessing your skin.

If there is a list of facials you can choose from (there usually is a menu) and you don't know what your skin needs, use this as a guideline.

  • Normal skin (not oily nor dry) can benefit from any type of facial, based on the skins needs that day.

  • Oily skin requires a deep cleansing. Clay masks are recommended for deep cleansing and for reducing the amount of oil on the surface of the skin. Also having a facial that includes enzymes and salicylic are a plus.

  • Facials for sensitive skin is tough, treatments can include a small amount of steam, a cooling mask that doesn't dry on the skin is quite soothing, but avoid heavier, more complicated facials. Also make sure you tell your esthetician that you have sensitive skin, this is an important fact. Less is more. Stick with a more simple facial.

  • Dry skin needs hydration and stimulation to aid the skin in producing more oil. Steam, paraffin and super hydrating moisturizers is beneficial.

Depending on the many facials widely available and customizable, they can be moisturizing, cleansing, firming, nourishing, lightening and relaxing.

Rule of thumb- If you don't know which facial is best for you, tell the esthetician your skin type and a little bit about your skin care routine. A good professional will know what to recomend and what to stay away from. Which is also why its important to go to a salon or spa your confident in. If the girl sounds like she isn't quite sure, don't be hesitant to go somewhere else. This is your face, and that thing is important!

Also, don't get a facial you have never gotten a few days before your wedding. That is stupid, because you never know what kind of reaction you will recieve from your treatment. And no one wants to be a blotchy, messy bride.

Men... Boys...whatever you want to call yourselves, don't think your too macho to get a facial. Lets be honest, you guys are sometimes the ones that need them the most.

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